About Miella Ravenscroft

From burned out entrepreneur to Abundant & Bada$$


Only a few years ago I was stuck (like SUPER stuck).​

I’d done the hard work to get my business off the ground: I had a website, created and sold things online, and tested and tweaked more stuff than I could count. 

And yet

The results I was getting weren’t matching the amount of energy and effort I was putting in it.​

I spent ALL my waking hours thinking about my business. I constantly looked for ways to become a better version of myself. I did anything and everything I could to help more people and serve in a bigger way.  

And all I had to show for it was exhaustion. (I was tired AF.) It felt like I was constantly fighting, clawing, and sprinting my way towards the next goal, and no matter what I did or how hard I worked, I could only ever hit between $4k and $6k in revenue each month.

I didn’t realize that instead of working with the Universe, I was working against it – tired and frustrated while working my ass off to create the results I wanted. As I could barely keep up with the Facebook groups, algorithm changes, and marketing funnels, I kept hearing the sentence, “You either burn out, or you let go and lean in.”


Everything suddenly clicked  

and the results that came through (without the hustle) blew me away...

I had my first six-figure month as I traded in the latest marketing tactics for working on my mindset & vibration (what I call MindBration®) and took action only when it felt right (instead of when I thought I should).  

I went from overwhelm and constant burnout $100k+ months with ease, flow, and only 15 hours of work each week.

And I did this with 3 young, very active boys by my side. (Which means you can too, no matter what it seems is holding you back.)


You CAN be successful and have it ALL too​ - with ease!

If we were sipping espresso martinis at our favorite beach clubs around the world, this is what I’d tell you...

When you hustle without taking the time to slow down and celebrate, the Universe takes this as a sign that you want to work hard for your results.

And that’s fine… unless you’re like me and ready for a better way. It’s not enough to understand the Law of Attraction and the principles of Manifestation. You also need to do the healing and inner work that lets you attract with ease.

Because it really, truly, absolutely doesn’t have to be so hard. Especially when you master your MindBration®.


Girl, you don’t have to follow the rules when you know how to create them

Mastering my MindBration® is how I manifested my first six-figure month ($107,000 to be exact) and more after and how I manifested $88,000 in one short week (in a very unexpected and wonderful way).

It’s how one client grew from $1,400 to $110,000 a month after being stuck forever.

And how another manifested her first $12k month, a different client manifested $10k in one week, and how many clients have manifested houses, cash, and repeated dream clients of their own.

MindBration® is a process for turning your thoughts into things and learning how to direct your energy towards next level wealth, success, and happiness.

Are you also ready to BECOME MAGNETIC AS FUCK, unleash your inner BADASS & attract a SHIT TON OF MONEY??​

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