Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions apply – unless otherwise agreed in writing – by entering into an agreement for the purchase of services and products from Outgo Ravenscroft Aura, CVR no. DK43784897, c/o Miella Ravenscroft, 4532 Gislinge, support@miellaravenscroft.com

Changes and cancellations

When you purchase a session or mentoring course at Outgo Ravenscroft Aura, you will receive an email from Miella Ravenscroft with suggestions of a new date for the session and/or the course, no later than 48 hours after your payment. Delivery of online products takes place immediately after your purchase.

Outgo Ravenscroft Aura is entitled to change the timing of purchased services, sessions and teaching days on educations, courses and workshops with a 24 hours notice. At 1:1 sessions, however, a new date is determined by agreement between the parties.

Changes do not entitle you to full or partial repayment of amounts paid.

Outgo Ravenscroft Aura has the right to cancel purchased services/sessions/courses followed by repayment of the part of the paid amount that covers the canceled product(s)/session(s).

Outgo Ravenscroft Aura can choose, but is not obligated to offer to replace the canceled product(s)/session(s) with new ones according to a new agreement. If you say yes to any offers for compensation/sessions, you also do not have the right to receive a repayment. 

At sessions, you are responsible for showing up, calling or logging on at the agreed/announced times, and for having a well-functioning telephone and/or internet connection and an active e-mail account with custom spam filters. You are responsible for informing us about your phone numbers and email addresses at any time. The information must be provided in writing on the above-mentioned email address.

When an appointment is made, the time of the session is binding. Should it happen that you do not show up online on the call within 15 minutes after the session has started, the session is canceled. It is not possible to get the money back or exchange it for a new appointment in this case.

By signing up for a course, you agree that you are obliged to pay all subsequent installments regardless of whether the course has been paid in full, or whether you choose to stop along the way – and for whatever reason.

Payment and payment terms

All prices are in US Dollars (USD) and exclusive of VAT, unless otherwise stated. The VAT amounts to 25% of the purchase price, and any fees for payment with your debit or credit card are not subject to VAT.

At www.miellaravenscroft.com, you have the opportunity to pay with Visa, Mastercard and American Express through the 100% secure online payment processor Stripe.

For card payment, you are responsible for notifying us if you receive a new card. Information must be given in writing at the above-mentioned email address.

Workshops, courses, educations, mentoring, VIP days, online courses and other services must be paid in full or through an already defined payment agreement with installments. For card payment of installments, you are responsible for connecting the correct card to your payments – this is done via www.simplero.com.

Regardless of which form of payment is agreed upon, the agreement/registration is completely binding. For subscriptions or installments, the amount is deducted each month on the same date as your registration. When you pay the 1st installment, you are obliged to pay the remainder. 

Delayed- or non-payment cannot be considered a valid termination/cancellation of the agreement.

In case of delayed- or non-payment, interest in arrears is added according to the rules of the Interest Act.

Limitation of Liability

Any liability that Outgo Ravenscroft Aura and/or Miella Ravenscroft may incur in relation to the purchased services and products is limited to direct damage and loss. It is always the responsibility of the consumer to act on the things that are said at the sessions, and it must always be seen as inspiration for future steps.

Outgo Ravenscroft Aura and/or Miella Ravenscroft should under no circumstances be liable for indirect damage or loss.

The indemnity for indirect damage and loss applies regardless of the nature of liability and regardless of whether Outgo Ravenscroft Aura and/or Miella Ravenscroft have acted negligently.

Outgo Ravenscroft Aura and/or Miella Ravenscroft’s liability for direct damage and loss is limited to 50% of the price of the service or product to which the liability relates.

When you attend courses, programs, online lectures, individual sessions, mentoring or other products offered by Outgo Ravenscroft Aura, you take 100% responsibility for your own development on the program.

You take 100% responsibility for what you do with the information you get from Outgo Ravenscroft Aurap/Miella Ravenscroft – both clairvoyant and non-clairvoyant messages. 

You take 100% responsibility for the symptoms that may occur or arise along the way, and you know that to develop, you have to look inwards and work on the things that come up for them to dissolve.

You agree with the fact that you always have your own free will to do whatever you want with the information you receive, and that Outgo Ravenscroft Aura and Miella cannot be held responsible for how you choose to handle the information you receive and what you choose to do later.

You agree that clairvoyance and healing can help you on the road, but that you still have to take personal responsibility and actions to change your life, and that Outgo Ravenscroft Aura does not at any time guarantee certain results.


Outgo Ravenscroft Aura owns all the rights to delivered services and products, whether they are live, digital or printed. Upon purchase, only a right to use is obtained for the purchased product.

The right to use is personal.

The purchased product may only be used for your own use.

The purchased must be treated confidentially and must not be disclosed to third parties.

All digitally purchased products and courses can be downloaded as long as the online course is ongoing, and it is the consumer’s responsibility to download the material before the course ends.

The purchased item may not be used for any purpose other than that for which it was purchased, including that the purchased product may not be used commercially in direct or indirect competition with Outgo Ravenscroft Aura’s business.

Upon purchase, you get the right to use all material and you may not use the material for any purpose, other than that for which it is purchased as a private consumer. It is not allowed to purchase a service or product neither with subsequent direct or indirect competitive purposes, nor for for dissemination. The common rules for copyright apply.

Outgo Ravenscroft Aura’s and Miella Ravenscroft’s names may not be used for advertising or reference purposes without written permission. If the names of the purchased products, Outgo Ravenscroft Auras or Miella Ravenscroft are used in violation of this, Outgo Ravenscroft Aura is entitled to a fine of $15,000 (fifteen thousand) USD per infringement.

In the case of a continuing infringement, a new contractual penalty is calculated for each commenced month.

Outgo Ravenscroft Aura is also entitled to have the violation stopped by a preliminary injunction without collateralization.

By participating in educations, you will be licensed to use the title you are certified as. It is in conflict with the terms to convey or teach these principles. Violation entails an invoice of $15,000 USD per month started.

Data Policy

Outgo Ravenscroft Aura collects only the information about you that you submit in connection with the purchase of services and products or registration for the newsletter.

The purpose of the collection of information is to be able to carry out the purchase/delivery that the information is collected in connection with. We treat your information confidentially and in accordance with the Personal Data Act’s rules. Your information is not disclosed to third parties.

You have the right to know what information Outgo Ravenscroft Aura has about you. If the information is not correct, you have the right to have it changed or deleted. You can contact us at the before-mentioned e-mail address. 

Right of cancellation for consumers

If you are a consumer, you have the right to cancel for 14 days from when you shop at Outgo Ravenscroft Aura. However, the right of cancellation does not apply to the delivery of digital content that is not provided on a physical medium, or the supply of sealed audio and video recordings or computer software of which you have broken the sealing.

When purchasing services, the 14-day deadline runs from the day, the agreement was made. Outgo Ravenscroft Aura does not grant any right to cancel on services that start/are delivered within 14 days from the date of purchase, and it is not possible to get a money refund after the session.

When the 14-day cancellation right has expired, your purchase is binding.

If you have received part of a service or product, and if you wish to make use of your right of cancellation, please be aware that we offset the repayment with a reasonable amount for the part of the service that has already been delivered.

Whether you have purchased services or products, you must explicitly notify us within 14 days that you wish to cancel your purchase at the above-mentioned email address. You cannot regret by simply refusing to participate in, receive or return purchased services/products without further notice. 

Products must be returned to us within 14 days and you must pay the direct costs in connection with the return. When we have received the returned product in a non-deteriorated condition, we will refund your claim as soon as possible, but no later than a maximum of five months.

When you sign up for a course or education, and pay the first installment, you are obliged to pay subsequent installments regardless of whether you choose to stop along the way and for whatever reason. You agree to this upon registration.

Warranty for consumers 

The Purchase Act’s rules on deficiencies in consumer purchases, including the 24-month complaint period, apply to the purchase of products. The 24-month complaint deadline does not generally apply to the purchase of services, so contact us immediately if you experience any problems.

Consumer complaints

If you are a consumer and would like to complain about your purchase, please contact Miella Ravenscroft at the before-mentioned e-mail address. If we fail to find a solution, you can file a complaint with the relevant boards in the area, provided the conditions for this are met.

Applicable law and venue

The agreement is subject to Danish law. Any dispute between the parties must be settled by the Court in Copenhagen.

Changing conditions

Outgo Ravenscroft Aura has the right, at any time, to make changes to current business terms.